Four guys playing jazz you recognize.

We are a jazz quartet based in Central Massachusetts. You can book us for your private parties and corporate events. We also love to play restaurant gigs, and have a couple we do every month if you want to come hear us live.


Doug MacLeod – Drums

If you've heard live music in Massachusetts in the past few decades, there's a good chance you've seen Doug in action. He gigs almost every night of the week playing all genres and styles in a bunch of different bands. Doug has played at the Boston House of Blues and numerous festivals around New England and recorded three albums of original material with Fiddlehead, Jubilee Gardens and The Barrett Anderson Band. Doug and Joshua have been playing together on and off for 25 years.


Joshua Smith – Alto Sax

Joshua has been playing the same Selmer Mark VII since the late seventies. The Mark VII is heavier and darker than the more famous Mark VI, which contributes to his "dry martini" tone. Influences include Paul Desmond, Stan Getz, Maceo Parker, and Eddie Harris. When not practicing the bridge to Take Five, Joshua writes novels and prepares for town meeting as Barre's Moderator.


Dave St.Germain – Bass / Vocals

Since learning the bass guitar as a teenager, Dave has been in love with its mysterious power to move people's bodies. When it comes to jazz, he embodies the saying, "it's not a C chord until I play a C."


Will Walkup – Piano

He’s Will. He’s chill, with fills that kill. They say he’s as weird as a three dollar bill. When he give ‘em the rhythm, they don’t never keep still. The bees knees on the keys, he’s a thriller for real. (Will has been using the same bio since a decade when this would have made sense.)

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